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BRU-32 | BRU-42 | CADS

BRU-32/A Bomb Rack

The BRU-32 bomb rack is a gas operated ejector rack with dual ejector pistons. It weighs 76 pounds, incorporate 14- and 30-inch suspension hooks and can accommodate single stores or multiple carriage racks. The bomb rack features an electrical fuze safety interlock, automatic sway bracing and store sensing switches. The BRU-32 has two modes of operation for store release; primary and auxiliary. Primary or normal release utilizes two CCU-45/B cartridge actuation devices (CADS) to generate gas pressure to open the suspension hooks and eject the store away from the aircraft. Auxiliary release utilizes one Mk.19 CADS to open the hooks only, providing gravity release of the store in case of primary ejector failure. The BRU-32A/A incorporates a zero retention force (ZRF) solenoid at the nose and tail positions, and three positive arm latches (PALs), forward, center and aft.

Specifications BRU-32:
  • Length 76 in
  • Width 2.3 in
  • Height 2.1 in
  • Weight 26.5 lbs

Specifications ADU-703 A/A:
  • Length 80 in
  • Width 6 in
  • Height 12 in
  • Weight 100 lbs

BRU-42 ITER Bomb Rack

The BRU-42 ITER is a 214 pound all metal bomb rack designed to accomodate the carriage and release of up to three 1000 lbs stores. The store stations have 14 inch lugs and can accomodate stores of up to 16.1 inches in diameter and 119 inches in length for simultaneous carriage on all 3 stations. The bottom, left and right ITER stations (looking forward) are numbered 1, 2 and 3, respectively, which reflects the ITER firing sequence. The stations are fitted with zero retention force solenoids and use CCU-44 ejection CADs for store release and normal jettison. Each ITER station has a single ejector foot.


CADS are Cartridge Activated Devices. The Mk.19, Mk.125 and Mk.107 are CADS used to jettison weapons/stores.
The Mk.19 is an auxiliary CAD that opens the BRU-32 bomb rack hooks and allows a weapon/store to gravity fall away from the parent aircraft. This CAD is usually used when all other attempts to jettison a weapon/store have failed.
The Mk.125 is used in the LAU-92 missile launcher. The LAU-92 jettisons the AIM-7 downwards, then sends a motor fire pulse to lite off the motor sending the Sparrow on its way.
The Mk.107 is used in the LAU-93/132 missile launcher and the MXU fuel tank adapters. The LAU-92/132 only uses a single Mk.107, they are one of the largest CADS you’re likely to find. The LAU-93/132 jettisons the AIM-54 downward, operating similar to the LAU-92 and AIM-7. The MXU fuel tank adapter uses two Mk.107s each. The Mk.107 operates similar to the MK-19 cartridge when used in the MXUs. The hooks are forced open but there are no ejection pistons to push the tanks away from the aircraft.

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