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F-14 & Naval Aviation Books

The following list of books is just an excerpt from what I have in my shelves about the Navy and for sure not a complete list of all of my books or of all available books on the F-14 or the Navy!


Let me know if you have any F-14 books (no matter how old they are, any language is welcome) that are not listed below. I'm especially looking for books that are no more available anywhere else! I'm willing to buy your old F-14 books for a fair price.

Tomcat CD ROMs ...
  • HOME OF M.A.T.S. by Torsten Anft. This comprehensive CD ROM saves you the money for many books! Click here to find out more about it!
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Tomcat books ...

  • AMERICA'S FIGHTERS OF THE 1970s: F-14 AND F-15 by R.Stern, Arms and Armour Press, ISBN 0-85368-608-4: A lot of b&w photos showing a lot of the early Tomcat years.
  • ANYTIME, BABY - HAIL AND FAREWELL OT THE US NAVY F14 TOMCAT by Erik Hildebrandt, ISBN 0-96740-405-3.
  • F-14 TOMCAT by T.Holmes, Osprey Publishing Ltd., ISBN 0-517-05697-6: A fine collection of colourful photographs of (rare) Tomcats.
  • F-14 TOMCAT by L.Peacock, Osprey Combat Aircraft Series Vol.5, ISBN 0-85045-720-3: Rare (detail) photos & drawings of early F-14s.
  • F-14 TOMCAT ATLANTIC COAST MARKINGS 1974-1984 by B.Kinzey, Tab Books Inc., ISBN 0-8168-4526-3: A lot of photos of Pacific Coast squadron F-14s with quite some details.
  • F-14 TOMCAT IN ACTION, NO.32 by L.Drendel, squadron/signal publications, ISBN 0-89747-031-1: A nice review of the early F-14s history, with some stories and a number of rare photos, technical data and drawings.
  • F-14 TOMCAT IN ACTION, NO.105 by A.Adcock, squadron/signal publications, ISBN 0-89747-247-0: Nearly everything about all F-14 variants including fine photos.
  • F-14 TOMCAT IN ACTION, NO.206 by Lou Drendel, squadron/signal publications, ISBN 0-89747-539-9: The last of the series of three books in the IN ACTION series about the F-14, covering everything up to the scrapping of the mighty Tomcat.
  • F-14 TOMCAT PACIFIC COAST SQUADRONS 1974-1987 by B.Kinzey and R.Leader, Tab Books Inc., ISBN 0-8306-8032-2: A lot of photos of Pacific Coast squadron F-14s with quite some details.
  • F-14 TOMCAT SQUADRONS OF THE US NAVY by L.Peacock, Motorbooks International , ISBN 0-7110-1577-5: A fine book with a lot about the Tomcats history and action, squadron histories of all F-14 squadrons (except for VF-191 and VF-194) and quite a number of rare photos.
  • F-14 TOMCAT WALKAROUND, NO.3 by L.Dendrel, squadron/signal publications, ISBN 0-89747-337-X: A terrible lot of photos showing the F-14 details. Ideal for plastic modellers!
  • F-14A&B TOMCAT by B. Kinzey, Detail & Scale, ISBN 0-8168-5018-6: A book about the early years of the Tomcat with a lot of detail-photos.
  • FIGHTER COUNTRY - THE F-14 TOMCATS OF NAS OCEANA by D. Parsons &D. Nelson, Motorbooks International, ISBN 0-87938-442-5
  • GRUMMAN F-14, Vol. 25 by J.P.Stevenson, Aero Series of Tab Books Inc., ISBN 0-8306-8592-8: A wonderful old book about the early F-14 with an incredible lot of technical information - so much information that back in 1975 (when the book was published) it caused quite a stir in the Grumman Publications Department where noone could figure out how the author obtained so much information.
  • GRUMMAN F-14A/B by J.Miller, Aerofax Inc.: A terrible lot of photos with a lot of close-up views, here the F-14B means the early Grumman F-14B, not todays redesignated F-14A+.
  • GRUMMAN F-14 TOMCAT by D.Richardson, Osprey Air Combar: A great compilation of the early years of the F-14.
  • GRUMMAN F-14 TOMCAT - BYE BYE, BABY! by Dave Parsons, George Hall, Bob Lawson: Images and reminiscences from 35 years of active service.
  • GRUMMAN F-14 TOMCAT, LEADING US NAVY FLEET FIGHTER by D.Jenkins, Aerofax (Midland Publishing Ltd.), ISBN 1-85780-063-X: A find book about the Tomcat from its beginning until today including F-14Ds and the LANTIRN capable Tomcats.
  • GRUMMAN F-14 TOMCAT, PART II Koku-Fan No.89: Rare (detail) photos of early F-14s until 1977.
  • GRUMMAN F-14 TOMCAT SHIPBORNE FIGHTER by J.Lake, Warplane Classics/World Airpower, UK ISBN 1 874023 41 7, US ISBN 1-880588-13-7
  • IRANIAN F-14 TOMCAT UNITS IN COMBAT by T.Cooper/F.Bishop, Osprey Combat Aircraft 49, ISBN 1-84176-787-5
  • IRONWORKS - GRUMMAN's FIGHTING AEROPLANES by T.Treadwell, Motorbooks International, ISBN 0-87938-488-3: A complete collection of data from all Grumman fighters, plus many cutaway drawings, specifications and history.
  • JANES - HOW TO FLY THE F-14 TOMCAT by D. Rockwell, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0-00-472254-X
  • MODERN FIGHTING AIRCRAFT: F-14, Vol. 8 by M.Spick, Arco Publishing Inc., ISBN 0-668-06406-4: A fine book with lots of prototype photos and technical information.
  • THE CUTTING EDGE by C.J.Heatley III, Airlife Publishing Ltd., ISBN 1-85310-245-8: A superb book with superb photos of Navy aircraft, well written text of different Navy pilots about their job.
  • THE ORIGINAL ADVENTURES OF TOMCAT & FRIENDS ON SEA, LAND & AIR by Lauren Kelly-Hill, ISBN 1-46090-291-2: A book for young teenagers about the Tomcat!
  • TOMCAT ALLEY by David Brown, Schiffer Publishing, ISBN 0-7643-0477-1: A photographic roll call of the F-14 Tomcat.
  • TOMCAT - THE GRUMMAN F-14 by Lou Drendel, SquadronSignal Publications, ISBN 0-89747-536-4: A great full colour book with many previously unpublished F-14 photos.
  • TOMCAT! THE GRUMMAN F-14 STORY by P.Gillcrist, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., ISBN 0-88740-664-5: A book with well written text and stories covering the whole life of the Tomcat plus fine and sometimes rare photos.
  • US NAVY F-14 TOMCAT UNITS OF OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM by T. Holmes, Osprey Combat Aircraft 52, ISBN 1-84176-803-0: A wealth of information on the last major combat events for the F-14 before decommissioning.
Naval Aviation books ...
  • SEABIRDS - AN UNOFFICIAL ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF NAVAL AVIATION by H.Caruso, Howell Press, ISBN 1-57427-046-X: A great book with superb caricatures of US Navy aircraft. Caruso understands to make an aircraft look like a living creature, not just like a piece of metal...
  • UNITED STATES NAVY AIRCRAFT SINCE 1911 by G.Swanborough and P.Bowers, Putnam & Company Ltd., ISBN 0-370-10054-9: As far as I know it is the most comprehensive book about US Navy aircraft from 1911 until today. Facts, facts and more facts about all kind of Navy aircraft plus rare types and prototypes.
Naval Aviation Magazines ...
  • NAVAL AVIATION NEWS a bimonthly magazine published by the Navy. Here you will find a lot of information and stories on Naval Aviation. Take a look at a current issue at the Naval Aviation News internet site.
  • THE TAILHOOK ASSOCIATION publishes four times a year a magazine with a terrible lot of information on Naval Aviation. Deployments, news, stories, just about everything one might want to know about carrier aviation plus photos from a lot of squadrons and aircrews. Visit the Tailhook Organisation and become a member!
Even more aviation books ...
  • JANE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AVIATION by Jane's Publishing Company Ltd., ISBN 1-85170-324-1: A true must for anyone who cares a lot about aircraft. Looking for a rare type of plane? Here you'll find it for sure!!!
  • Douglas C-124 Globemaster II, Air Force Legends #206 by Earl Berlin, Steve Ginter Publishing, ISBN 0-942612-95-7. Even though not a Navy related book, it is a most thorough researched reference work for this rare aircraft. A must for any modeller and enthusiast!

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