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Grumman's Navy Aircraft

The Grumman Corporation was founded by Leroy Grumman, a Naval Aviator of the early years of Naval Aviation. Leroy Grumman was Naval Aviator #1216! During the past 70 years the Grumman Corporation built some of the Navy's most famous fighter aircraft ... until it merged with the Northrop Corp. to form the Northrop Grumman Corp.


Click here to read about Grumman's History and follow this link to read about the Grumman Memorial Park.

Table of Grumman's Navy Aircraft

This table gives a quick overview on all of Grumman's US Navy aircraft since 1931. For a detailed look at the Grumman Ironworks aircraft, just click on the aircraft name and you will be taken to a brief history, technical data, 3-side-view and photos.

Aircraft Type Mission Crew Year
FF & SF Single-Prop Biplane Carrier-based Fighter 2 1931
F2F & F3F Single-Prop Biplane Carrier-based Fighter 1 1932
JF & J2F Duck Single-Prop Amphibian Biplane Utility Transport 3 1933
F4F Wildcat Single-Prop Monoplane Carrier-based Fighter 1 1937
JRF Goose Twin-Prop Monoplane Amphibian Utility Transport 3+7 1937
XF5F-1 Skyrocket Twin-Prop Monoplane 1 1940
J4F Widgeon Twin-Prop Amphibian Utility Transport 2+3 1941
TBF & TBM Avenger Single-Prop Monoplane Carrier-based Torpedo-bomber 3 1942
F6F Hellcat Single-Prop Monoplane Carrier-based Fighter 1 1942
F7F Tigercat Twin-Prop Monoplane Carrier-based Fighter-bomber 1 1943
F8F Bearcat Single-Prop Monoplane Carrier-based Interceptor Fighter 1 1944
AF Guardian Single-Prop Monoplane Anti-Submarine Search (Strike) Aircraft 4 (2) 1945
UF-1 Albatross Twin-Prop Amphibian General Utility Transport 4+10 1947
F9F-2/5 Panther Single-Jetengine Monoplane Carrier-based Fighter 1 1947
F9F-6/8 Cougar Single-Jetengine Monoplane Carrier-based Fighter & Trainer 1 1951
XF10F-1 Jaguar Single-Jetengine Monoplane Fighter 1 1951
F11F Tiger & F12F Single-Jetengine Monoplane Carrier-based Fighter 1 1954
S-2 Tracker, C-1 Trader, E-1 Tracer Twin-Prop Monoplane Anti-Sub Search & Strike, Carrier On- board Delivery, Airborne Early-Warning 4 1952
E-2 Hawkeye, C-2 Greyhound Twin-Prop Monoplane Airborne Early-Warning, Carrier On-Board Delivery 5, 3+39 1960
A-6 Intruder Twin-Jetengine Monoplane Carrier-based Attack-Bomber 2 1960
TC-4C Academe Twin-Prop Monoplane Trainer & Transport 2+6 1962
C-11 Gulfstream Twin-Jet Monoplane (VIP) Transport 2+19 1963
F-111B Twin-Jetengine Swing-Wing Carrier-borne Fleet Air Defense 2 1965
EA-6B Prowler Twin-Jetengine Monoplane Carrier-borne Electronic Warfare 4 1968
F-14 Tomcat Twin-Jetengine Swing-Wing Carrier-based Air Superiority Strike-Fighter 2 1970

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