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Credits & Acknoledgements

It took me nearly 15 years to gather all the information and photos of the F-14 that I have in my archives today and it took me quite some time to publish this information on this website. All this wouldn't have been possible without the kind assistance of many people who helped me in numerous ways.

Many thanks for all their help during the past years go to (in alphabetical order):
  • David Aamodt (VF-143)
  • Kevin Aanestad (VF-211)
  • Mark Aster (VF-111)
  • William Barto (Grummanite & Grumman Memorial Park Historian)
  • Joseph Battle (VF-154)
  • David Baranek (VF-124, VF-24, VF-2, VF-101, VF-211)
  • Mark Beaker (VF-101)
  • Robert Beck (VF-84)
  • Booger Bergloff (VF-101)
  • Earl Berlin (USAF Ret. & book author)
  • David Beverly (VF-21)
  • David Brown (aviation photographer and book author)
  • Mike Burgoyne (US Navy)
  • Walter Burkett (VF-201)
  • James Claugherty (VF-103)
  • Anne Cline (VX-4)
  • Paul Conigliaro (NAWCAD)
  • Des Connolly (VF-102)
  • Krissy Culler (VF-211)
  • Dave Davies
  • T.J. Deitz (VF-51)
  • Jason Denney (VF-32)
  • Dorian Dogaru (Topedge Engineering)
  • Kris Dorfman (VF-103)
  • Fred Dowdell (VF-111)
  • Len Dunlap (VF-102)
  • Bruce Fenstermaker (VF-102 & Grumman)
  • Bryan Fetter (VF-102)
  • A.R. Gallop (VF-124)
  • Claude Giovanelli
  • Philip Goldstein (VF-124, VF-301, VF-302)
  • William Grap (VF-84)
  • Ken Grzymalski (VF-32)
  • Brandon Hammond (VF-154)
  • Paul Hart (Grummanite & Photographer)
  • Andrew Hayes (VF-102)
  • Rick Jordan (VF-2, VF-194, VF-201, VF-301)
  • Tom Kaminski (Author & Photographer)
  • Wayne Keimig (VX-9)
  • Tom Keyser (VF-111)
  • Emil Kirschner
  • John Komlosy (VF-21)
  • Mike Kopack Sr. (Aviation Photographer)
  • Philip Kovaric
  • James Kuhn (VF-32)
  • James Lasater (VF-124 FRAMP, VF-1)
  • Rick Llinares (Aviation Photographer)
  • Lois Lovisolo (Grumman History Center)
  • Grant Mager (VF-41)
  • Scott McCarty (VF-31, VF-74, NAWC)
  • Mike McClure (VF-114)
  • R. McKee (VF-31)
  • Kirby Miller (VF-154)
  • Mark Mineo (VF-14)
  • Joe Mizerak (VF-142)
  • Jim Muse (VF-24)
  • Frank Nolan (VF-1)
  • J.B. Nolan (NFWS)
  • Megan Osborne (VF-32)
  • John Paganelly (VF-143)
  • Bill Paisley (VF-14)
  • Brian Plescia (VF-24)
  • S.D. Porter (VF-211)
  • Ron Richards (VF-31)
  • Matthew Rings (VF-101)
  • Adrian Rowe (VF-102)
  • James Ryan (Grumman)
  • Stuart Schmitt (VF-111)
  • Roger Seybel (Grumman History Center)
  • Tyler Sherwin (VF-41)
  • Richard Siudak
  • Dale Snodgrass (ComFitWingLant)
  • John Souma (VF-2)
  • Jeff Stone (Aviation Photographer)
  • Lester Stone (VF-114)
  • Al Taylor (VF-211)
  • Penny & Lee Thomas
  • Stewart Toles (VF-31)
  • Marc Tuell (VF-154)
  • David Twohig (VF-11)
  • Greg Urtz (NAWC)
  • S.J. Valencia (VX-4)
  • Vance Vasquez (PMTC)
  • W.L. White (VX-4)
  • Shannon Wohlford (VF-11)
  • James Wood (VF-142)
  • Russel Wood (VF-201)
  • Many other people who helped me gather information about and photos of the fabulous Tomcat!
Last but not least I want to express my thanx to all of you who visited my site! A website cannot live without people who take a look at it ...

Photo credits & copyrights can be found on/below each photo in brackets [...]

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