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Online since July 1997!

This page gives you - and me - an overview of the history of my F-14 website. It makes it easier for all of us to see what's been added and updated. So if you are a frequent visitor to my site you will quite like this page to find out what's new at the HOME OF M.A.T.S.

Also, this website still does not contain any animated GIFs (except one), FLASH animations, beeping sounds or other "hot stuff" that slows down a website.

04 January 2011
  • 15 years online!
  • F-14 Photos uploaded (please note: origin of images is lost as the pictures have been too long resting on my machine): VF-1, VF-21, VF-31, VF-84, VF-124, VF-143, VF-201, VF-213, Grumman/Navy, AMARC

30 December 2008

02 August 2008

18 May 2008
  • Title page renewed
  • Bureau Numbers updated
  • F-14 Walk-Around: Tie down point info updated
  • AMARC section added

28 May 2007
  • Bureau Numbers: Info on tailfin of 162594 which was washed ashore on the coast of Ireland
  • F-14 Walk-Around: People section added with the story of the F-14 Plane Captain

24 February 2007
  • Complete website rework. Any problems? Please report!

10 February 2007

05 February 2007

26 January 2007
Previous Updates not listed!

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