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The reason for this Extra 400 page on my F-14 website is that I particulary liked this aircraft since I took my part in analysing the structural lay-out of this plane at the University of Aachen. My special calculations were focused on the front portside passenger window and included an extensive finite-element analysis.
The Extra 400 is built by EXTRA Flugzeugbau GmbH (EXTRA Aircraft Manufacturing Company), the same company that built the most succesful 200 and 300 series aerobatic planes. The company owner Walter Extra won several times the world aerobatic championships.
This latest EXTRA aircraft is a completely new design with a pressurized cabin and is made of composite materials. The Extra 400 is powered by a liquid cooled engine, equipped with fowler flaps and retractable landing gear. Prototype certification was given in early 1996 with its maiden flight in April that year. The Extra 400s design has been certified in accordance to the Federal Aviation Regulations FAR23.

3-Side-View of an Extra 400

Earlier models of the Extra 400 had the additional ventral fin removed and upwards wing-lets. Clearly visible is the "clean" shape of the aircraft without any ugly air inlets, antennas, gear boxes etc. According to EXTRA, the Extra 400 has excellent flight characteristics and is responding light and responsive on the controls. On its first airshow appearance on April 26, 1997 at Friedrichshafen, Germany, the 400 performed a fine flying display and even flew a barrel roll at low altitude.

  • Wingspan 11.50 m
  • Length 9.39 m
  • Heigth 3.09 m
  • Wingarea 14.25 sqm
  • Cabinheigth 1.24 m
  • Cabinwidth 1.39 m
  • Cabinlength 4.12 m
  • Seats 6
  • Empty Weigth 1206 kg
  • Max. Take-Off Weigth 1950 kg
  • Max. Payload 744 kg
  • Fuel Capacity 470 liters
  • Engine Teledyne Continental
  • TSIOL 550-A, 350 hp
  • Max. Climbrate 6.7 m/sec.
  • Max. Speed 259 kts
  • Cruisespeed 243 kts
  • Range with 6 People 1700 km
  • Range with 5 People 2600 km
  • Ceiling 7620 m

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