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The AN/AVX-3 Fast Tactical Imagery (FTI) provides the ability to transmit imagery from all F-14s, to all F-14s, and between all F-14s. The F-14 Tomcat is the very first aircraft to have this capability in every operational aircraft and flew in both Kosovo and hte Persian Gulf. With LANTIRN precision strike, the F-14 is able to transmit day and night precise target coordinates along with the image to inbound strike aircraft or to the aircraft carrier. The AN/AVX-3 replaces the previous record record only VTR with HI 8mm 2 hour record and playback in the cockpit. Both the image transceiver and the HI 8mm VTR are controlled from a small user friendly remote control unit in the cockpit. While designed for the FTI, the AN/AVX-3 mounts in a standard shock mount for the TEAC V1000 VTR. A removable PCMCIA SRAM card enables uploading of target and other images as well as maps prior to take-off. This same card also stores all mission digital images for downloading to PCs after landing. All stored digital images and VTR playback can be viewed on the cockpit display at anytime during the mission. In addition to capturing and transmitting from live video sensors, the AN/AVX-3 will also capture and transmit images from VTR playback.
The AN/AVX-3 is compatible to existing radios.

  • Power Equipment 28 VDC
  • Power Consumption 87W max.
  • Weight 25 lbs
  • Operating Temperature -40C to +60C
  • Storage Temperature -55C to +95C
Data: PhotoTelesis Corporation, San Antonio, TX

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