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F-14 Antennas & ECM Fairings

The F-14 carries a large number of electronical equipment, some of it is used for communication, others are used as threat & radar warning receivers. For a complete list go to the aircraft systems page (see below).
Some of this electronical equipment is visible:
  1. ALR-45 Antenna (most forward wing-glove)
  2. ALR-45 Receiving Antenna (both horizontal stabilizers)
  3. ALQ-126 Mid- & High-Band Antennas (wing-glove)
  4. ALR-67 Mid- & High-Band Antennas (beaver tail)
  5. Antenna IFF/APX-72 UHF Data Link (forward antenna on fuselage back)
  6. AN/ALR-50 Antenna (middle antenna on fuselage back)
  7. TACAN Antenna, UHF Communication (rearmost antenna on fuselage back)
  8. DECM Receiver Antanna (starboard vertical tail)
  9. ALR-50 Antenna (starboard nosewheel-bay door)
  10. ? (portside nosewheel-bay door)
Late F-14As and F-14Bs were equipped with two ECM fairings on both sides of the air inlets, below the wing roots. These fairings make it quite easy to distinguish between the F-14B and F-14D (no ECM fairings), since both have no other obvious difference in appearance (except the chin-pods and glove-vanes).

Additional external ECM equipment is listed on the electronics chinpods page (see below).

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