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The LANTIRN (Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infra Red for Night) pod system has enhanced the F-14s all-weather and night attack capabilities well into the next century. The Tomcats capability for carrying iron-bombs is improved by the ability to perform precision strikes and deliver laser-guided ammunition without the assistance of another aircraft. An infrared sensor is used to track and zoom in on targets using the Combat Targeting Modes. An Eye-Safe Targeting Mode is used for training exercises. The LANTIRN system enables even more accurate delivery of unguided bombs, since the crew can use the laser to determine the range to the target. This information is feeded by the LANTIRN pod to the aircraft's fire control system. Apart from the land target attack mode the LANTIRN pod has also an air-to-air mode. With the LANTIRN pod installed, the F-14 can fly a maximum speed of Mach 1.3. Currently each F-14 squadron is in the process of modifying a number of their F-14s to carry the LANTIRN pod. A total of 75 pods are planned for use in the whole F-14 fleet.

LANTIRN Features:
  • 8.1-inch-aperture FLIR for long-range target acquisition
  • Wide-Field-Of-View FLIR (6 x 6 degrees) for target detection and tracking
  • Narrow-Field-Of-View FLIR (1.7 x 1.7 degrees) for target selection and lock-on
  • Dual-mode automatic target tracker
  • Operational altitude up to 40,000 ft

  • Length 98 in
  • Diameter 15 in
  • Weight 549 lbs
  • Power 7.2 kVa
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