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VF-194 Red Lightnings


1 December 1986 - September 1988

VF-194 and sister squadron VF-191 were the two shortest lived F-14 squadrons in history and are thus unfamiliar to many observers. The original VF-194 took part in WWII, the Korean conflict and Vietnam, but was disestablished on the 1st of March 1978 as a F-4 Phantom squadron. VF-194 also flew Hellcats, Bearcats, Cougars, Furies and Crusaders. Reestablished on the 1st of December 1986 as part of CVW-10 attached to USS INDEPENDENCE, The Legendary Red Lightnings again flew the skies of NAS Miramar, albeit for a very short time. After accepting seven of their twelve aircraft and participating with USS ENTERPRISE for Sea Fair in Seattle, WA, an ACM detachment to George AFB, CA and a Fleet Fighter ACM Readiness Program (FFARP) detachment to NAF El Centro, CA, VF-194 was notified of its impending disestablishment just two months prior to CVW-10's planned Air Wing Strike Detachment to NAS Fallon, NV. The Legendary Red Lightnings last flight was in the Spring of 1988.

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