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Grumman F-14 Prototypes

The first F-14 ever was a mock-up built at Grumman. Following approval by the Navy Grumman manufactured 13 prototype aircraft for various flight, carrier suitability and weapon tests. These first aircraft were painted in a grey over white colour scheme, some carrying high- visibility markings as red tail and wing surfaces.
After production of fleet F-14 was underway, Grumman remanufactured one F-14A to F-14B standard with new and more powerful P&W F401 engines (see below for colourscheme).
The next prototypes were those of the final F-14B (until May 1991 F-14A+) with GE F110 engines and more upgraded electronics and equipment. This prototype was painted in a similar colour scheme as the first F-14B prototype.
The last F-14 prototype built at Calverton was the F-14D. This aircraft was painted in an overall gull grey colourscheme with only high-visibility national insignia and black Grumman and Navy logos on the vertical stabilizers (much like an earlier F-14A - as shown below).

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F-14A #1

F-14A #6

F-14A #1X

F-14B prototype

F-14D development a/c

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