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Carrier Air Wing Tailcodes

Below you will find a list of two-letter tailcodes for each air wing (CVW) that currently is or was before equipped with F-14s.

These tailcodes - together with each aircraft's modex number - identify each aircraft of each squadron. Individual squadron markings and colours are not official markings, but rather only tolerated by the US Navy.

Aircraft recognition is done by tailcode plus modex number, aircraft's callsigns are squadron callsigns (see F-14 Squadron pages) plus modex numbers.
Usually modex numbers of F-14 squadrons are "1XX" and "2XX" with "XX" ranging from "00" to "07" and from "10" to "16". The only exception is VF-101 and was VF-124 (modex numbers from "100" to "470"+), and also VX-4, VX-9 and the Navy Fighter Weapons School with two-digit modex numbers below 100 (usually "10" to "49").

Tailcodes identify also the fleet/region where the carrier operates:
  • Tailcodes beginning with A are used by carriers/air wings of the 6th Fleet, usually operating in the Atlantic theatre
  • Tailcodes beginning with N identify carriers/air wings of the 7th Fleet, cruising the Pacific area.
  • CVW = Carrier Air Wing, CVWR = Carrier Air Wing, Reserve

Airwing Tailcode Carrier
CVW-1 AB CV-67 USS John F. Kennedy
CVW-2 NE CV-64 USS Constellation
CVW-3 AC CVN-75 USS Harry S. Truman
CVW-5 NF CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk
CVW-6 AE - disestablished -
CVW-7 AG CVN-69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower
CVW-8 AJ CVN-65 USS Enterprise
CVW-9 NG CVN-74 USS John C. Stennis
CVW-10 NM - disestablished -
CVW-11 NH CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson
CVW-14 NK CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
CVW-15 NL - disestablished -
CVW-17 AA CVN-73 USS George Washington
CVWR-20 AF - no more F-14 squadrons -
CVWR-30 ND - disestablished -

F-14 tailcodes of training, test & evaluation units not assigned to any airwing:
CFWL AD VF-101 - Fleet Replacement Squadron shore-based at NAS Oceana (CFWL = Commander Fighter Wing AtLantic)
BH Navy Weapons Test Squadron (NAS Pt. Mugu)
NJ VF-124 (NAS Miramar) - disestablished -
XF VX-9, disestablished: VX-4
SD NAWC, disestablished: NATC

No tailcodes for Grumman/Navy prototypes, NASA, NMC, PMTC & NFWS.

CVN-68 USS Nimitz and CVN-69 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower at Newport News Shipbuilding for overhaul.

F-14 Boat Patch graphic by Torsten Anft © 1999

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