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VF-1485 was a squadron augment unit at NAS Miramar that came under the control of Naval Air Reserve Detachment (NARDet) Miramar in the 1980s (and possibly into the early '90s). The "squadron" consisted of pilots, NFOs and possible some maintenance troops that provided support to VF-124 on one weekend a month, plus the aircrew were obligated to fly at least 48 other four-hour periods (called "drills") during the year. This, plus a two-week active duty stint each year.

The squadron had no aircraft, but flew VF-124's aircraft. They were interchangable with VF-124's staff, and they provided instructor support for the training squadron.

As a matter of interest, up until 1984, there was also a VF-1285 at Miramar that flew with VF-301 and VF-302 in those squadrons' F-4s, but was disbanded when the Reserves transitioned to the Tomcat in 1984.

VF-1485 patch via Eric Green
Information via Jan Jacobs, Tailhook Association

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