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F-14 Squadron Awards

Below is a table with F-14 Squadron Awards from 1975 onwards. Sources are official history files of F-14 squadrons, U.S. Navy archives and also my privat F-14 photos & archive. Yet the list is incomplete. Errors are possible.
  • The Safety "S" award is presented for the squadron with the best safety record/most mishap free flight-hours. (S markings)
  • The Battle "E" is for the most efficient and best overall squadron. (E markings)
  • The RADM Joseph C. Clifton Award is presented to the best of all winners of the Battle "E" award. (Clifton markings)
  • The Mutha Award is awarded to the most outstanding and spirited fighter squadron. (Mutha markings)
  • The RADM Clarence Wade McClusky Award is given to the best attack squadron.
  • The Boola-Boola Trophy (West Coast) and Grand Slam (East Coast) is awarded for Air Warfare Excellence.
There are a number of other less known awards:
  • TACRECCE Award for excellence in Tactical Reconnaisance,
  • Golden Wrench Award for maintenance excellence. (small wrench markings)
and numerous other awards which are given to squadrons throughout the fleet and from various services.

Year Safety "S" Battle "E" Clifton Mutha
1975 VF-41, VF-101 VF-142 VF-32 .
1976 VF-101 VF-142, VF-302 VF-74 .
1977 . VF-211 . VF-24
1978 VF-14 VF-24 . VF-24
1979 VF-14 VF-14 VF-84 VF-211
1980 VF-24, VF-32 VF-14 VF-32 VF-51
1981 VF-41 VF-2, VF-41 VF-41 VF-2
1982 VF-32, VF-124 VF-32 VF-103 VF-114
1983 VF-21, VF-103 VF-11, VF-211 . VF-114
1984 VF-211 VF-142, VF-211 VF-211 VF-2
1985 VF-21, VF-301 VF-41, VF-51 . VF-1
1986 VF-11, VF-24 VF-2, VF-11 VF-11 VF-2
1987 VF-101, VF-114 VF-84, VF-114 VF-114 VF-114
1988 VF-24, VF-84 VF-2, VF-84 . VF-21
1989 VF-41 VF-1, VF-41 VF-1 VF-211
1990 . VF-143 VF-1, VF-143 VF-51
1991 . VF-2, VF-103 VF-2 VF-2
1992 VF-41, VF-124 VF-103, VF-114 VF-103 VF-11
1993 VF-201 VF-32 VF-32 VF-213
1994 VF-142 VF-142, VF-201 VF-142 VF-111
1995 VF-102 VF-2, VF-102 VF-102 VF-21
1996 VF-31, VF-102 VF-11, VF-143 VF-11 VF-103
1997 VF-2, VF-102 VF-2, VF-14 VF-14 VF-103
1998 VF-143, VF-154 VF-143, VF-154 VF-154 VF-211
1999 VF-2, VF-14 VF-2 VF-14 VF-31
2000 VF-31 VF-31, VF-103 VF-103 VF-211
2001 VF-11, VF-213 VF-102, VF-213 VF-213 VF-11
2002 . VF-211 . VF-143
2003 . VF-154 VF-143 VF-103
2004 VF-32 VF-32 . VF-213
2005 VF-213 . . VF-213

Do you have more information on F-14 squadron awards? Yes? Please mail your information to me!

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