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VF-191 Satan's Kittens


4 December 1986 - September 1988

VF-191 and sister squadron VF-194 were the two shortest lived F-14 squadrons in history and are thus unfamiliar to many observers.
The original VF-191 took part in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. During the latter conflict the squadron took part in several combat cruises, flying variants of the F-8 Crusader. The image to the right shows a VF-191 F-8E about to trap on USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) in 1968. The aircraft had an armament of 4x 20mm cannon (earning the F-8 the nickname 'Last of The Gunfighters'), but could also carry AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles on fuselage pylons (up to a total of 4) and ZUNI air to ground rockets or 500lb dumb bombs on underwing pylons. Chaff was carried in dispensers under the rear fuselage. After Vietnam VF-191 continued operations with the F-8 until 1976, when they transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II. A single cruise in the F-4 followed, as VF-191 was disestablished in 1978.
The VF-191 established on the 4th of December 1986 can claim the unit's name and markings but it did not have the heritage of the original VF-191. After training with VF-124 and being due to deploy onboard the USS Independence as part of CVW-10 VF-191 was disestablished before the cruise could take place.

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