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F-14 Reference DVD

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Now you have the opportunity to buy this fabulous website on a DVD! This gives you incredible possibilities:
  • Fastest access ever to the information supplied by my site
  • This DVD saves you the money for many F-14 books!!!
  • Ever present graphics & technical illustrations of your favourite fighter, more complete than in any book or on any other website
  • A detailed history of the F-14 complete with Bureau Numbers, combat history and much more
  • Fabulous F-14 animations
  • For free: Great F-14 & US Navy video sequences
  • For free: 1000+ great F-14 photos, many more than currently displayed on my website plus many previously unpublished action shots!
  • The complete F-14 Pocket Checklist
  • Unseen Grumman brochures, magazine extracts
  • The complete (unofficial) VF-11 Red Rippers website!

  • UPDATE SERVICE: Updates are released several times a year! That way your CD ROM is always up-to-date!
    Note: The usual update service is likely to be stopped once the F-14 is decommissioned. There will be updates with new photos, improvements and corrections once in a while.
200+ MB of F-14 Reference Work, 1GB of F-14 stuff!

THE ALTERNATIVE: Download more than 6700 files of my homepage and get it for "free" ... But downloading 6700 files with the exact file names and directory listings is not fun ... and you won't get all the animations, videos, extra free images ...

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