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Guestbook 03/1998 - 12/1998

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Cameron Jack and Justin Hayes

    Hi, I'm Cameron Jack. Me and my friend Justin Hayes looked at the F-14 Tomcat website all day!

    Sat Dec 19 21:59:40 1998 , Peter H @ Netinc. ca

Cameron Jack

    No comments.

    Sat Dec 19 21:47:10 1998

Gerry Canas

    This is a wonderful web page. I currently work for an engineering firm that provides support to the F-14 program at the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). Keep up the good work. SEMPER FI

    Wed Dec 16 22:12:40 1998 , gcanas@semcor.com


    This Maverick, Date:15 Dec 1998 Time:7:24 I was just checking the Mail in my e-mailbox. i got a little carried away and decided to come back to see my favorite site. Maverick calls the ball __________! ___ !__________ _____0 0_____

    Wed Dec 16 02:24:33 1998 , gmitchel@ees.eesc.com

Justin Hayes

    My favourite plane is the Tomcat. I really enjoyed looking at all the information that you have gathered on the tomcat.

    Tue Dec 15 01:06:39 1998 , c/o Jacqueline Hayes

francesco feriozzi

    I am 4 years-old baby, and I am writing from Italy. I woulld like know every thing about tomcat by by francesco

    Sun Dec 13 13:34:06 1998 , s.feriozzi@comune.orte.vt.it


    This site blows!

    Sun Dec 13 00:05:31 1998


    It's me Maverick. I was looking threw the patches and found one from TOP GUN. It's the one Maverick wears. I was wondering if any knows where I could get one and the price. Maverick

    Mon Dec 7 22:23:50 1998 , gmitchel.eesc.ees.com

Joshua"Maverick" Mitchell

    Howdy, I am Joshua Mitchell. I like the F-14 Tomcat so much I want to fly it when I'm older. I collect F-14 Tomcat stuff. If you've seen Top Gun my favorite charactor is "Maverick". That is why people call me " Maverick".

    Mon Dec 7 21:42:21 1998 , gmitchell@eesc.ees.com

CDR Buzz Wood, USN(Ret)

    You've got a great site that should attract attention from a large group of aviators, regardless of the type of birds flown. Keep up the good work!

    Mon Dec 7 19:52:45 1998 , fwood@tsud.edu

Ciro Alonso Montao

    hello, i am i real lover of airplane, and i big fun of f-14 tomcat airplane. so i like your page, also i am collectin some fotos of airplanes, if you have some can you send me some of yours (by e'mail)

    Thu Dec 3 16:24:31 1998 , Ciro_ciruelo@hotmail.com

Michael aitken

    I love your haomepage! I get all my info from you!! Thank you very much!!!

    Mon Nov 30 21:54:21 1998 , aitke12@yahoo.com

maurizio bressan


    Fri Nov 27 14:55:35 1998

maurizio bressan


    Fri Nov 27 14:50:13 1998

Jeff Lockhart

    Great Site!! I was a Plane Captain with VF-1 the Wolfpack from 1976 to1979. I am now a Crew Chief on a KC135E Tanker out of Topeka Kansas. I am building a model of the my aircraft which was NE-106, but I don't have the serial number. Do you, or anyone reading this post know how I can retrieve the serial? Thanks for the Great Site

    Fri Nov 27 07:57:24 1998 , JLockh1397@aol.com


    Great site! But put the background in color. Your pictures are great. Im doing a report on the F-14 Tomcat could you send me some imformation?

    Tue Nov 24 04:04:40 1998 , Joshua0623@aol.com



    Mon Nov 23 12:25:54 1998 , KEN@YAHOO.COM


    hi! i wish yo will give me your great pictures about the f-14 tomcat planes. keep up the good work and more power

    Sat Nov 21 05:26:43 1998 , ken@yahoo.com

Sung Chul Woo

    hello i've watched these pictures and looks great! more photos i feel the same way....

    Thu Nov 19 13:51:57 1998 , larson@chollian.net

R. Scott Lee

    You didn't mention that a S-3 "Hoover" from VS-22 with a single pilot an FBI agent and a captured terrorist flew the longest recorded non-stop flight from Egypt back to the U.S.utilizing inflight refueling. This was done to keep the aircraft from landing and being detained by a particular government. Thought you might want to verify and add this to your information. I had photos obtained from the Tarps Bird over Lebanon while under fire from AAA sites. It was a hell of a image. I have since lost it, but I'm sure with a little digging you could probably find a copy.

    Thu Nov 19 04:05:27 1998 , casalee@swbell.net

Morty Rochman

    Enjoyed your F-14 website. Worked at Grumman for a quarter century and was on the F-14 Program on two different occasions. It's a GREAT bird! Now there's an upgrade program in work at Jacksonville, Florida. Anft does appear to be unique, but not exclusive. Found two in Baltimore, MD. One is Michael at where he is a staff writer. Enjoyed seeing your "new" private plane. I have a home in Fussen called Neuschwanstein. Good luck.

    Tue Nov 17 22:37:20 1998 , morty@cuny.campusCW.net

Jeremy Chan Dustin Smith

    Hi again, I agree that the Hornet is not the best plane to replace the tomcat. I don't know why they want to replace it in the first place. The Phoenix missle is by far the best lng range air to air missle. And also the "FIRE AND FORGET" helps alot. I am extremely mad that they are going to replace it. When they replace it I will still hold it number on in my book of fighters!

    Sat Nov 14 09:19:51 1998 ,

Dustin Smith

    I just wanted you to no that I am also a F-14 freak. And I really enjoy your website. When I grow up I'm going to fly one. Good job keep up the good work.

    Sat Nov 14 09:03:11 1998 , Sorry Can't Give

dan mullen David Hyde

    You have a great site..the pictures are great , and you have very interesting articles.

    Tue Nov 10 03:35:02 1998 , drh14@yahoo.com

Axel Zimmerman Stellar Images - Stained Glass Aircraft

    My name is Rudy Preus and I am a retired Canadian Air Force pilot. My hobby is Stained Glass and my Three Dimensional Stained Glass Aircraft may be of interest to your guests. If anyone wishes to view my work, please visit me at http://mars.ark.com/~stellar/

    Sun Nov 8 08:50:50 1998 , stellar@mars.ark.com

William A. Burbage

    A wonderful website, even to a former USAF fighter jock and retired air line pilot. Your enthusiasm for aviation is contagious . . . makes one wish he could start over again.

    Fri Nov 6 04:35:54 1998 , wburbage@GTE.net


    Dear Torsten, What a wonderful site! I am a 3D modeller and animator, and I recently had to build the F-14 tomcat - you're site was just the thing for reference mat'l, and it's thanks to you that my model now has such details as functioning intake ramps and a re-fuelling probe! (not to mention the motion of the retracting gear - I wondered how that worked!) Here's to a great site and your dedication to a plane which you so obviously love! I hope I've done it justice! ps: I painted it in VF-1 colours, but gave it the late-model nozzles, I hope that isn't too innacurate...(though they do actually contract!) Take care, Ken.

    Wed Nov 4 20:34:21 1998 , KHall@Waward.co.uk


    Hey David if you wana be a tomcat pilot your probaly goin to be one.and for the gy who says tomcats kick ass Ill see him in hell.

    Wed Nov 4 14:32:58 1998


    Hey David if you wana be a tomcat pilot your probaly goin to be one.and for the gy who says tomcats kick ass Ill see him in hell.

    Wed Nov 4 14:31:54 1998

David Veldman Alex

    I really admired your site. I visited a couple of f-14 sites but some have f-4 pics mixed with the tomcats. Great work.

    Tue Nov 3 09:29:35 1998 , alex7044@hotmail.com

Francisco Jose Calderon Milla De Leon

    Whats up , you have a cool page, please try to include more photos in it!!

    Sat Oct 31 18:18:42 1998 , pancho368@hotmail.com

Tim Kerr

    I'm from Australia and personly F-18 kick Tomcats ass

    Fri Oct 30 12:23:09 1998

nenekkebayan Eric Belin

    CONGRATULATION ! What can I say else ? This is the most enjoying site I ever seen dealing with the F-14. It's a real pleasure to navigate among the links driving you to even more exciting information. Is there another site with so many information in the world ? I guess there is none... Once again congratulation...

    Tue Oct 27 10:10:54 1998 , eb@upcl.univ-lyon1.fr

Vern Gwin

    Interesting site.Found some good things for my modelling projects.keep it up.

    Mon Oct 26 05:18:50 1998 , vgwinstoonmodels@home.com

Darrell B. Jones

    Killer site, impressive pics. I used to work on "vandy 1" at vx-4 NAS PT Mugu 1991-1993. Then at vf-24 NAS miramar, 1993-1995, a lot has happened since then, the Old Tomcats losing it's tails. Keep the spirit alive And DON'T TOUCH THE YELLOW AND BLACK HANDLES!

    Sun Oct 25 09:36:55 1998 , jonesd@mti.tec.sd.us

maxiliano Ribas de Oliveira

    The mats is the best home page about this beatiful aircraft ,personally i'm against the replace of the f14 for the f18/A/b/C/D and the E model the first time i saw the f14 even it was in the movie I started to like the aviation specially the navy aviation i have some publications in my country about theses tremendous navy's aircraft,rigt now my country(Brazil) started to use the A-4 skyhawk in the navycarrier.death to the hornet!!!!!!!!

    Sun Oct 25 03:45:34 1998 , maxxi47@hotmail.com

Shawn Rene


    Fri Oct 23 22:01:36 1998

AS2(NAC/AW/MTS)Michael Dabney

    Just launched you a couple of pics for your book

    Mon Oct 19 12:25:48 1998 , squirrel@ite.net

rivoal ronan (france) Bob Rosso

    the GREATEST webpage I ever saw!!!

    Sat Oct 17 04:22:38 1998 , sgtbroz@aol.com

Jason S

    I think your webpage is a good way to find information.

    Mon Oct 12 00:00:07 1998 , www.roty_19.com

Nick Durick

    great wallpaper on your web page.Just a line to tell you I worked on every Tomcat ever built. Only because I worked for Grumman .It was a shame when the board of directors sold out to Northrup. May GOD bless their souls..

    Sat Oct 10 05:02:53 1998 , nickchad@gate.net

Glorieux steven

    Sorry my name was speld wrong;but I still love this site. I hope to be a F-14 pilot

    Thu Oct 8 13:39:38 1998

Glorieux Steven

    No comments.

    Thu Oct 8 13:37:22 1998

glorieu steven

    keep this site;it's the max!!

    Thu Oct 8 13:35:38 1998

Stefan Sauter

    great website, torsten ! Ich als F-14 "turkey" fan kann nur sagen: spitze ! ich hatte ebenfalls mehrmals Gelegenheit tomcats live zu sehen: Sommer 87 : Miramar NAS !!! (VF124,191,194...) Sommer 87 : Mather AFB (SUNT) VF 124 Sommer 93: Fairford (GB), VF-103 !

    Tue Oct 6 20:17:10 1998 , none

roger neff

    I was an AMH3 in VF101 from '86-'90 I warked on A's & A+ Would like to know about any reunions or orgs.

    Mon Oct 5 11:40:08 1998 , mpnav1@yahoo.com


    Great Site! It's nice to know there are other people out there as fanatical (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) about the F14 as I am. Keep up the good work.

    Mon Oct 5 01:19:00 1998 , bbaxter256@aol.com

Frank Moey Paul Crawley

    Good Webb site. I have many slides of the F-14 and I need to put them onto my datebase. I need all the serials of the F-14's along with there sqaudrons, can anybody help me? I awaite for your reply.

    Fri Oct 2 17:20:31 1998 , usfmemc5@ibmmail.com

Melissa M. Lawrence A. Whitmore

    I love your page man and I was gonna use a few of your graphics 'till I saw your note, so I'll just use the pic's until I have your permision to use the graphics on my home page.

    Tue Sep 29 22:02:05 1998 , atleoair@cedar.alberni.net

Dan Farrell

    Excellent job on this site... I am looking for the art work for the Hawkeyes.. If you have any it would be greatly appreiciated. Thank you Dan

    Mon Sep 28 16:53:15 1998 , LT.Dan@Worldnet.att.net


    Hi Torsten, finally got online, thanks to a training course I'm doing. Will be back online from Friday (hopefully). new job is okay, lots of training to do. PS AirForces Monthly have offered me an interview so I could be moving jobs real quick. Getting the book letter done, hopefully off by the end of the week. See Ya Dave

    Mon Sep 28 14:41:47 1998

Matthias Goldmann Mauricio Dutra

    Spectacular page.......sure A lot of info..........but,they pics have low definition.... If you want i can scann pics and send you. From sunny Spain. Mauricio Dutra

    Sun Sep 27 19:14:57 1998 , dutra@mundivia.es

Jose Ramon Martin Herrero

    Una pagina dedicada a la aviacion y en especial al F-14 fabulosa. Ojala hubiera mas asi!!! Mi enhorabuena Jose Ramon Martin

    Fri Sep 25 18:48:53 1998

Lawrence Chung

    i want to need some deal (decartion ) of the F14-A. Can you give me some information of this. eg. book name, wite site or ...... Thanks for your help!!!

    Fri Sep 25 13:00:57 1998 , lawrencechung@cmaster.com.hk

Lawrence Chung

    i want to need some deal (decartion ) of the F14-A. Can you give me some information of this. eg. book name, wite site or ...... Thanks for your help!!!

    Fri Sep 25 12:59:49 1998 , lawrencechung@cmaster.com.hk

Christoph Klawitter

    Your page is very interesting and I wished more pages would be informative like yours. f-14 Imperial Iranian Air Force: After living in Iran for 22 years I have to say that the F-14s of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force are still in use,and were used succsesfully in the Iran-Iraq war 80-90. best regards Christoph Klawitter

    Tue Sep 22 20:19:57 1998 , cklawitter@hotmail.com

Jeff "CRASH" Horn

    Although brief from what I looked at your website all I can say is "SIRREA HOTEL" Man one kick as page looking foward to the next time I can visit keep up the "KICK ASS" work until later "CHECK 6"

    Tue Sep 22 03:53:36 1998 , DEFIANTJgh@yahoo.com

Mario Rivas, Sweden

    The best F14 page ever

    Mon Sep 21 22:43:58 1998

Ken Rhodes

    Hi, I spent 6 1/2 yrs working on Tomcats. I have just found your site, it seems pretty from what I have seen so far. Thanks for the site! BTW I was an AQ2.

    Sun Sep 20 22:35:56 1998 , krhodes@planetc.com

Eddie P

    I am very interest in finding posters and more information about aircraft fighters.

    Sun Sep 20 12:10:55 1998 , eddiep@hotmail.com

Didier Jim German

    This is, without a doubt, the best F-14 site I've ever visited... I, like you, will probably cry the day they take the finest bird in the air out of service.

    Fri Sep 18 15:44:35 1998 , JGerman149@aol.com

Thomas Teng

    Thanks for your image ! I have search for a long time to get the aircraft image of F-14.

    Fri Sep 18 09:09:27 1998 , smallblack@iname.com

Calvin Hsu

    Just a guy in Peking P.R.China. Very intersting in military aircaft. Search for pix about f-14 in www.YAHOO.com, and yahoo lead me here. I very like your homepage.

    Fri Sep 18 05:22:30 1998 , calvinhsu@263.net

Benjamin heim

    I am a Air Traffic Controller in the Navy. I am currently an instructor at the ATC school house here in Pensacola FL. I copied some of your photos to help my students with there aircraft recognition. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

    Thu Sep 17 04:18:02 1998 , Raiderben@aol.com

Jim Kvarnstroem

    Hi there! I'm a Tomcat fan from Finland and I'm just checking the net for interesting sites and I just had to visit yours. Excellent work!

    Mon Sep 14 20:13:34 1998 , Jimkv@hotmail.com

Aaron Shelton

    This is one of the best Tomcat pages I have been to so far. Could you please add some Tomcat movies that could be downloaded.

    Mon Sep 14 07:33:21 1998 , aaronshelton@start.com.au

Ensign Mario Couette

    what a great page! I was able to finally find all the paints schemes of f-14 units! go further with this great page...gob job!!!!!!!

    Sun Sep 13 19:44:59 1998 , couette@hotmail.com

Sandra & Letitia

    24(city of sydney) Air Training Corps

    Fri Sep 11 07:45:04 1998


    Sorry,I submitted the wrong e-mail adress, this time it's the right one.

    Mon Sep 7 21:43:55 1998 , mriedel@sprintmail.com


    Hi Torsten ! This is one of the best Aviation-pages I've ever seen ! Unfortunately it's not about the mighty PHANTOM ! But the TOMCAT is not so bad either. I'm a german student-wso,trained at Pensacola NAS,so I'm lucky to see the Cats quite often. I took some good pics of the F-14D "VANDY I" when it was on visit here, but i send them home, pretty stupid. I'll go on a x-country in to weeks to Oceana NAS,hope to make some shots there, to send them to U.

    Mon Sep 7 21:42:11 1998 , mriedel@printmail.com

Terrrence L. Marshall Jr. AKA TJ

    I just love your web site. Have you seen the new tombcat, itm si the bomb. I will come in often. Look for me e-mail me and tell me more stuff about the tombcat.

    Mon Sep 7 18:15:32 1998 , madwash@toddalan.com


    I love your plane (grumman f-14 tomcat). I am 12 years old.

    Mon Sep 7 14:38:39 1998

Robert K. Lambert Ji-hong.Ju

    wonderful!!! tomcat you are fighter and winner

    Fri Sep 4 12:19:57 1998 ,

J. M. Licea A

    the best f14 home page saludos desde Zacatecas Mex.

    Tue Sep 1 18:19:49 1998 , jmla@mailcity.com

Ed Pelaw

    Nice web site. I didn't see the Grumman F-111B, which was procured for the Navy. Any Idea on where any pictures are of this mysterious bird ? By the way, only 7 were produced,the last rolling off the line on 28 Feb 1969 BuNos 152715.

    Tue Sep 1 05:43:13 1998 , robin@texas.net

Jaime Johnson

    Well I have to say the F-14 tomcat has been the dominant jet in Navy aviation. I've been working on the F-14 for 5 years now. Worked with the F-14 A,B, and D. F-14D with VF-2, VF101, and now VF-201, F-14A. We are making a transition to the F/A-18 and I have to say it will be a hard pill to swallow.Getting rid of the TOMCAT will mean the end of an era.

    Mon Aug 31 04:28:41 1998 , PhDXTC@aol.com

Pak Tai Hyun

    hi..i'm korean..^^ your homepage is very good!! please visite my homepage~ ^^ good bye~ ݰϴ.

    Sun Aug 30 11:36:36 1998 , skyey97@nownuri.net

Jerry Yaez

    your page is very cool, is one of the best i have ever seen.

    Sun Aug 30 04:01:10 1998 , gyp_2099@yahoo.com

Andrew Ramdeen Perini Maurizio santiago

    I think this is one of the coolest site on the net, and also think that it sucks that the 'cat is out of production. Keep up the good work!

    Thu Aug 27 00:47:35 1998 , smiravete@msn.com


    I'm sorry you have been infected with Tomcat fever. I can only hope that you will someday regain your sanity so that you can appreciate a truly superior aircraft, the F/A-18, of course. I am an engineer with Boeing on the F/A-18 program. The Hornet is the foundation and the future of naval aviation. All the F-14 has to say is that it came in somewhere between a "never-was" and a has-been. Every fighter shot down in Desert Storm was shot down by a Boeing product. Granted the F-14 did shoot down one helicopter. Sounds like an even match. Bob

    Wed Aug 26 01:02:44 1998 , robert.s.reynolds2@boeing.com

Darle Fortmeyer

    I flew the Bearcat in 1945-1947. My squadron was VF-20. Do you know of anyone else that would've served in that particlar squadron? Thank you for your time. Darle Fortmeyer

    Mon Aug 24 05:31:18 1998 , sheldon@goodland.ixks.com``

Michael C. Baines

    Magic, just magic. I will be back again and again. Many thanks.

    Sat Aug 22 17:11:03 1998 , Mike.Baines@tesco.net

Vito Javier Bessone Pete "Shaker" Ricker

    Air Crew on C-1A on U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60 1969 to 1971. Great web sight and some good old pix.. Thx: "Shaker"

    Tue Aug 18 23:48:09 1998 , JPRICKER@ci.aurora.co.us

Brandon Pacifica

    I plan to fly the F-14 when I join the NAVY!

    Tue Aug 18 22:02:03 1998

Brandon Pacifica

    I plan to fly the F-14 when I join the NAVY!

    Tue Aug 18 22:01:59 1998

Geoff Cosgrove

    Excellent page. I have been looking at your page for about a month now and am really injoying it. Keep up the good work. Geoff

    Sat Aug 15 08:50:21 1998 , gcosgrove@rocketmail.com


    You have a really neat site. Its the coolest graphics site that I've been to. The Tomcat pictures are great! Bye!

    Sat Aug 15 02:39:03 1998

Fernando A. Muoz Matthew Grant

    good on ya Great site for looking around after a day at the office

    Thu Aug 13 09:35:37 1998 , Mattgrant@clear.net.nz


    An ex AO from VF-101&102 Ijust found this great web site and am a die hard fan of the F-14.Now i will be able to expand my collection of F-14 photos.Anyone interested in chatting E-MAIL me.Thanks for keeping the TOMCAT a legend.

    Wed Aug 12 16:38:57 1998 , kkuhlen@wt.net

Thomas Barnes

    HI! I think the Tomcat is the best plane in the world and your web page is amazing!!!

    Mon Aug 10 22:14:01 1998 , thomas_barnes@hotmail.com

Rick Burgess

    Thank you for providing a wealth of information re: the greatest fighter ever built!

    Sun Aug 9 23:17:48 1998 , rick_burgess@msn.com


    Awsome site! Keep up the good work! Check out my page, it's an F-14 site that isn't half as good as yours

    Fri Aug 7 21:19:41 1998 , redsox1@geocities.com


    I love avation and everthing about it, send me more info about f-14 and everything else, this site is great! Megan

    Thu Aug 6 21:12:02 1998 , SkyRyder20



    Thu Aug 6 11:09:46 1998 , ARJUNADASS@YAHOO.COM

George Vengroski

    Good pictures. I've been with Grumman for 38 years and 27 of them on the F-14. We're still making them better.

    Wed Aug 5 14:02:39 1998 , tomcat.ae@att.net

Jorge Rincn Gary Parsons

    Hi Torsten, great site, am impressed with your command of html!

    Mon Aug 3 22:20:23 1998 , f4@ffour.force9.co.uk


    What a cool page this is the best site....

    Fri Jul 31 18:28:31 1998 , Psxtim@juno.com

el diavolo

    the best tomcat site i have ever seen keep up the good work

    Fri Jul 31 08:27:10 1998 , diavolo@hotmail.com

Lazaros Argyropoulos


    Tue Jul 28 19:18:42 1998

bob scott

    I am looking for info about the Grumman Gulfhawk (1936). I build 1/4 scale R/C models.

    Sun Jul 26 17:36:22 1998 , RScott2888@aol.com



    Sun Jul 26 06:42:41 1998 , jfkiii@gateway.net


    Your documents are a piece of crap!

    Sat Jul 25 08:22:08 1998 , none

John Brady

    Looking for a picture of a Tomcat breaking the sound barrier for my PC wallpaper. Do you know where I can find one?

    Fri Jul 24 21:54:54 1998 , jbrady@ctinet.net

Steve Northrup

    Great page! I served in the Navy with Vf-171,Vf-74, and Vf-43. I was noticing one of the photos of a tail of a plane in vf-101 squadron with the old Devil logo from vf-74. Do you have a pic of the entire plane, and if so would you send id to me?. i also noticed Vf-103 has the lightning bolt on the tail from vf-74.

    Thu Jul 23 00:35:01 1998 , Steve@Northrup.com


    this 'reload' button makes me sick

    Wed Jul 22 16:05:15 1998 , sorry


    Great update here !!! and Many happy returns (for the 27th) !!! allthe best from 37 :-) !!!

    Wed Jul 22 12:06:09 1998 , you know it :-)

Mike Zipp Space Dudes Octavio A. Casa Madrid Ferreyra

    Congratulations for your work, it's amazing. You've made a cool work. The pictures are really good. I hope you'll continue updating the pics. If I get some I'll send to you. Congratulations again.

    Tue Jul 21 04:13:49 1998 , rflores@foton.cio.mx


    Dear Torsten, Congratulations on such a great Tomcat page, among all the other fellow Tomcat fans out there on the net. In case, you can't already tell I, too, am a fanatic of the venerable F-14 TOMCAT and A-6 Intruder. Anyway, I have been visiting your Tomcat page many times the past few months now, and i think now is my time to give thanks and add some advice & suggestions. First off, thank you for the Photos, i think they are one of the best quality Tomcat pictures out there, and i love to collect and download Tomcat pics from the 'Net. I have over 400 saved already. But no, I don't plan on ripping you off, by illegaly putting them on my webpage, as i dont plan on starting one. Second of all, i loved that part where you drew a Tomcat cockpit and put a dead F/A-18E mark. That would be the best kill for the Tomcat, I mean, I think a replacement for the Tomcat should be something that surpasses everything that even the advanced variants could do. The F/A-18E/F specifications show absolutely nothing close to even the F-14A-and the F-14A is the oldest Tomcat of all....... Now, regarding the advanced Tomcat variants section in your page, they are very well detailed, especially the one about the Super Tomcat 21 for the 21st century. However, I think i have information that i think you should add, to make it more complete, and in case some F/A-18 nut happens to come along(to shatter his expectations of the F/A-18E/F of course!) or a Navy official (maybe they might just get it through their tight-money cheapskate skulls about the F-14). Anyway, according to some various F-14 sites on the 'Net, and some books on the Tomcat that I have. The Super Tomcat 21 would have STEALTHY FEATURES!!! Due to adding composite materials-i.e. Radar Absorbent Materials, the ST21 would be able to match even the F-22. This would, as stealth works, reduce the Tomcat's radar signature significantly. This plus the Tomcat 21 features you already added would result in the following: 1.)The Super Tomcat 21 would have 90% of the Advanced Tactical Fighter requirements. and 2.)It would have to cost only 60% of developing a new aircraft(like that F/A-18E/F-they call that an upgrade? Right, and the moon is made of green cheese)Aside from that, I LOVE your page in the truest sense, and I am sincerely just trying to help out and add some information to make your already awesome page, even more awesome. So take it easy, and keep showing us how awesome the Tomcat is. TOMCATS 4 LIFE. Sincerely yours, Raoul M. "Tomcat Fan Supreme", NJ, USA

    Sun Jul 19 22:25:13 1998 , raoul_m@hotmail.com

a. bright

    stumbled on your site by accident. I like the sundowner picture, i served in that squadron till we decommed in 1995. It's good to see somebody won't forget us!

    Sun Jul 19 13:00:21 1998 , aimnadam@aol.com

CHARLIE Hernn E. Colombo

    Felicitaciones por esta pgina. Est muy buena. Saludos desde Argentina.

    Sun Jul 19 01:10:21 1998 , hernanc@cibergamo.com.ar

Rob Lentini

    Nice F-14 page! I enjoyed it. You might be interested to know my Dad was a Grumman VP and had over 30 years of service with them prior to his death in 1968. I've been an Air Force and AZ Air National Guard member since 1966--Currently Avionics Intermediate Shop Superivsor at Tucson, home of the largest F-16 wing in the ANG. Take care... Rob

    Sat Jul 18 23:36:52 1998 , lentini@azstarnet.com


    This is the best F-14 sites i ever visit. What a great job, Torsten. I love the F-14 Tomcats very much & i want to thank you for the photo. If there are any new photos , can you please e-mail them to me ! thank!

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    I realized, that my e-mail was the longest one. :-) That's because I'm the biggest fan of the most beautiful fighter work of art ever: the F14 TOMCAT!!!

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Charles Toth

    I realized that my e-mail was tha longest one. :-) That's because I'm the biggest fan of the most beautiful fighter work of art ever; the F14 TOMCAT

    Mon Jul 6 19:01:28 1998 , again

Charles Toth

    Hi Torsten! My name is Karesz, i'm from Szeged, Hungary. This is my first visit at your site, but i knew it immediately: That's what i've looked for! That was not accidental when i searched on words like grumman and tomcat at the Yahoo! searchsite. It gave me this adress. I'm interested in military aviation, i tried to study at a pilot academy, but unfortunately the government thought it doesn't worth its cost, so they quitted it. That's why i'm seeking the chances of fulfilling my dreams abroad. But that's enough of me. Once again, your site is the most interesting for me. That was love at first sight, i think. :) I'm sure we'll meet each other thru' the net very often. My very best wishes: Karesz

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    The pictures are great but when I try to print them my printer can't get the whole image. Do you have any smaller pics if so send me some thanks, Blake

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    This is a really cool web site. You really know the F-14. This is probably one of the best if not the best F-14 web site. I just got one coment. You should add pictures of F-14 Tail & Nose art. If You can try to get pictures of tomcats dog fighting.

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    Great site. I'm a UH60-A crewchief in the Army, and have had an interest in the F-14 for long time. Great job, once more

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    This is a tomcat page that is the bomb. This is well formated compared to some of the other pages I have seen. Keep it up.

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    great web site. helped alot with my physics on lift created by the wings on the f-14. Tomcat has always been my favorite jet too. when u were wondering wjat the 2 holes below the underside of the gun on the f-14 i have a guess. I think that is were the shells are ejected after the bullet is shot. Let me know what u think of my idea if u get a chance. Tomcats 4ever

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    Tue Jun 2 22:03:37 1998 , galfir@westel900.hu

Isaac Bilano

    Do you think you can find any more images of the Iranian Tomcats? Other problems with the Iranian F-14s were the radar and weapon systems, as well as the engines. There is still a considerable number of F-14s in the IRIAF. I think the number was 30 that were overhauled by foreign experts. In one article in Jane's Defense Page, the Iranians have modified several HAWK S.A.M.s for the air-to-air role, and have been fitted on the F-14s. There is still some AIM-54s in their inventory. Iranian Aircraft Industries, based outside of Teheran, produces several spare parts for the F-4, F-5, and the F-14. That's all the info I have for now. By the way, this is a great page.

    Tue Jun 2 21:02:44 1998 , fulcrumC@rocketmail.com

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    Very cool pictures. Your web site has helped me greatly. If you can please send me more information, using snail mail, about the F-14 Tomecat. My adress is Heather Grant, Box 531, Beaverlodge Alberta Canada, TOH OCO

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Tom Keyser

    First saw your web site in Oct 97 and said I would send you some photos of the F-14's that were in my squadron, VF-111, the SUNDOWNERS. Via email they are on the way. Still a great site.

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    Your photos are simply COOL.

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    Love the F-18 Bashing!! I was in the Nav for three years til Cut backs..I'm at school getting an engineering degree now. But the E/F version of the 18 couldn't compare to the Tomcat .... that might be the way things are going but if you ask me its a big mistake ! Cool site! Rock on!

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    I must agree the F-14 is the #1 fighter in our navy it could wip the super hornets ass is one sweep thanks for letting me visit your sight

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Kevin Bovis

    Thanks, for the pic of Wildenrath, I was based there 84-87, first with 19 Sqn and then with 92 Sqn. It brought back happy memories from when my family and I lived in Wassenberg, which is just outside the pic. Rgds Kev

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    I have as a Hobby collecting aircraft photos. I subscribe to "Aircrafts of the World" which send me 36 photos a month at a fee. To date have over 552 and all in beautiful binders supplied by the co.

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Jill Valentine Tommy Nilsen. Mrs. Earl (GINNA) Stanley

    Hi..what fun to read about airplanes..my deceased Cdr. husband only flew for 30 years from aircraft carriers ..S2F was the last plane but I remember TBM's and all the types that came after that..I lived in Naples whn he flew the COD from Capodachina (not sure if I spelled that correctly) and Cubi Pt. in 65 where he was OPS Officer..I would not change one day of the 30 years I enjoyed as a Naval Aviator's wife..Good Luck!

    Sun Apr 26 17:40:45 1998 , vstan7983@cntwk.net

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    Your site is very impressive, Torsten. So is your command of English. I lived in Munich for 4 years and Bitburg for 3 years. Beautiful country!

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    I too love the F-14. THE Superiority fighter. Dump those damn F-18 & build more Tomcats!!!! Long live Leroy Grumman's legacy!

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    Hi Tomcat fan, realy nice job you has put up in the air. Let me know if you have some supershots you will like to see on a spread in TOP GUN Magazine - the number one military mag in Europe. Keep it flying... Carl B Editor-in-Chief TOP GUN Magazine Media Productions Copenhagen, Denmark

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    an excellent site!!!! you have to have THE best site for aviation I have ever seen---just wished you did one on the F/A 18 Hornet

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    Super Homepage

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    I was looking for pictures of a Grumman Mallard. Did't find but surely enjoyed your eb site. I am going to Sun and Fun this weekend in Lakeland Fl and am suppose to try to met someone who will be flying this Mallard. I wanted to see what it looked like. Thanks

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Mikael Andersson

    oohh as a student pilot from Sweden I always get excited when i see something about aviation. I do agree with you abot the Extra 400. Really interessting

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    I stumbled across your page when searching ythe web for info on the EXTRA-400. Thanks!

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    No need for words ... TOMCAT rules !!!

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    No need for words ! TOMCAT rules!

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Glenn Wright

    I'm President of the Tulsa Air and Space Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. This monday the 20th of April we are receiving a F-14 Tom Cat from Oceana NAS for it's new home at our Air and Space Center. Capt. Eric Benson, Base |Cmdr. of Oceana NAS will be personally delivering the bird.

    Wed Apr 15 07:00:22 1998 , gwright@ionet.net

Doc Lamb Capt USN Ret (blackshoe0

    I started out looking for anything I coud find on the aircraft that was supposed to become the F5F about 1945? (Low wing twin radial with main fuselage starting at or near the leading edge of the wing). I believe it was the XF5F in the early design stages and may never have seen active service. One of theloves of a 17-18 year old many years ago. Would really like to get any information (text, drawings, pictures, etc. ) which may be out there eluding my search. If somebody could point me in the right direction I'd be forever grateful. Warm Regards Doc Lamb.

    Tue Apr 14 05:55:58 1998 , dlamb@chas-source.com

Rob Kidnie

    I can't say I like the F-14 as much as yourself, but I can say I love airplanes especially the F-15 Eagle and the CF-18. (Thats right the CF-18!) I also find the pictures here top notch.

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Angelo A. Matthews

    Very interested in the F14 - some friends are 14 drivers and love the bird. I am not pilot, but very interested in National Security affairs. Especially, Asia issues. Keep up the good work - get more people interested in Nav Air!!

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    Not bad. But the problem is it is too trouble to get something.

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    I found your site while researching the Extra 400. I am a businessman and a pilot. I plan to test fly the 400 this summer in Florida. I would love to hear more about the plane!!

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Michael "Squirrel" Dabney

    Great page!!! I was onboard with VF-114 (Aardvarks) & VF-213 (Blacklions), CVN-72.... USS Abraham Lincoln in '91 (You know where)..... Peace!!!!!!! Squirrel

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Harm-Martijn Heerspink

    Hi there, although i am not a Tomcat fan (I like the F/A-18 Hornet) i liked ur page. Especially the part of the Extra-400. So u studied Aerospace Enigineering... me too, but I study it in Delft, Holland. And our faculty designed very much of that airplane :) greetings

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    Its a good site, but it needs mor pics.

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Jess Evans

    Awesome page!

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Michael Levy

    P.S. I now run a small company "Picture Plates". We Manufacture customized photographic giftware. One of the items we sell is a "Tomcat Plate". It's a 6 1/2" - 7" plate trimmed in gold that has an actual photograph of the F14 glazed into the middle. These Tomcat Plates are incredibly beautiful and would be a welcome addition to any F14 memorabilia collection. The Plates sell for $20.00 for the white plate and $24.00 for the black plate. The photo on the white plate is an F14 flying over some small mountains (very nice). The photo on the black plate is a photo of the F14 from a distance (not a closeup) in the sunset in the background. This looks especially good on the black plate. If anyone is interested, they can contact me at Picture Plates PO Box 126 Levittown, NY 11756 tel (516) 796-8391 PicPlates@aol.com

    Fri Apr 3 22:36:46 1998 , mlevy@winthrop.org

Michael Levy

    I worked for Grumman for 21 years and was the senior leadman of the assembly departments # 038 and 042 in building 01 in Bethpage , NY. I don't have a lot of photos, but somewhere in my house I have some photographs of the alluminum canopy frame being made at Alcoa's manufacturing plant. (Alcoa was Grumman's main supplier of this particular part. Eventually we switched to another suppliere because Alcoa closed the facility down. As you must know, at the time the F14 was in production, the canopy frame (Grumman part number A51B15500-15, -17 and -19, were the largest one piece aluminum castings in the world. The photos arte very interesting, they show the casting when it came out of the mold before in was trimmed and cleaned. Let me know if you're interested. Maybe I can find them. You got a nice page.

    Fri Apr 3 22:08:26 1998 , mlevy@winthrop.org


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A.K.A Merc

    I think the F-14 is the best fighter the world has It's eight i think phoneixs is far supeior to that of the F-18 it's movnuvrability and radar range also outdoes the F-18 the only better thing about the F-18 is that F-18 can carrier a wider variety of bombs but the F-14 has a better variety of missiles more missiels and is far supioer than any fighter jet ever

    Fri Apr 3 05:55:44 1998 , mecurydragon@yahoo.com

Geert Weterings

    Well, I'm new on internet. First job was to search on te word "Grumman" What a suprise. A complete website on the "Bird of Birds" the mighty TOMCAT. I'll be here again.

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    I can't wait till I fly the F-14 in the Navy. Thats my message

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    Great website. VF101 1976. First transition VF41/VF84.

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    The F-14 Tomcat is the most wonderful air combat machine I've ever seen. It's the most ellegant and perfect of men's creation since the discovery of the plane. I love this plane.

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John Ryan

    Grumman Retiree - 1992 29+ yrs. at the Main Assembly Plant 6/7 in Calverton Long Island.

    Wed Mar 25 22:43:01 1998 , jsryan@freenet.tlh.fl.us


    Congratulations for your wab site of the Grumman F-14 "Tomcat", is one of the best in the net.

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    "Mustang this is Vudoo3 remaining Migs are buging out"

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conor "conair" considine

    fighter aircraft- absolutely brilliant!!!!

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James Rowbotham

    Hey your web site of the F14 is the best i have searched through many sites and your is the best, it KICKS ASS E-mail me please if you recieve any good photos or anything else F-14D Tomcat Rules

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    Very good website, will provide a link on my U.S. Air Force page.

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    great page man , i think the tomcat is the greatest warbird of all time theres no other aircraft on earth that can match it. the cat will be around it's going to be around for a long time. I also built about three modals of it will be back soon

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    Cool website!Awesome pictures! Enjoyed the site greatly! Big Fan of "TOP GUN"

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    Always had an affinity for the F-14, even tho' I lived about 2 miles from the McDonnell-Douglas plant in St Louis! I remember the first time I got to see one, it was better than that months copy of Playboy. Years later, I still have a place in my heart for the big ol' cat. Tell the girl from France, that there is a company in San Diego, CA called "Quartermaster" that sells all kind of US military insignia. I've got unit patches from the Ghostriders, the Jolly Rogers, and my personal favorite; VF-143 The Pukin' Dogs!! See ya...

    Sun Mar 15 07:28:15 1998 , Spots41706@aol.com

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Brad Green

    I recently was discharged from the U.S. Navy, where I worked aboard the U.S.S. Eisenhower (CVN-69) on steam-powered catapults. F-14's were a common sight for me and I too have a special affection for them, albeit not so much as your own!:-) Anyway, just wanted to say good job on this site. Looks nice and it puts out helpful info. As they say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu!

    Tue Mar 10 02:36:38 1998 , navairresv@yahoo.com

tomcat Justin coleman Azle Tx.

    Hi the F-14 is my faforite airplane too.I am in the 3rd Grade.Where do you live ?Pepper is my cat.

    Sun Mar 8 19:42:53 1998 , colemans_tx pepper


    hi there, i am interested in building a scale model of F-14 TOMCAT. If you could provide me with SCALED DRAWINGS, it'll help me a lot. Thnx Bye

    Sun Mar 8 14:16:17 1998 , nofel@hotmail.com

Matt Lutton

    I love the F-14!!! That is one pretty bird! Wish it was a GA plane so I could get my own Check out my site How'd you all get to like the Tomcat??? Write me, and let me know!!! Me, personally, I have liked it ever since the Movie "Top Gun" came out. I wore out my copy

    Sun Mar 8 09:07:33 1998 , PezMan1984@aol.com


    Hi, I'm french and, as you say the F-14 is my favorite fighter too. It's a pleasure for me to meet another F-14 "fana". Just a question: do you know where it is possible to buy F-14's patches and pilots equipments? I'm working in French Air Force on Mirage 2000, so if you have any question e-mail me. Congratulations for your site and bye TOF.

    Sat Mar 7 14:41:22 1998 , arluison.cs@wanadoo.fr

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